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My art is a reflection of the journey, my life.  It is about harmony and balance, it's about growth and sustainability, it's about transforming, making, breaking and becoming, really it is about forming and re-forming with an understanding that nothing really is destroyed. When I started making this particular series of paintings I realized that it was an embodiment of how I understood my existence, it was quantum or macro, no in-betweens.  My paintings depict our molecular structures and the view of our world from SAT 7s orbiting the earth.  I wonder what is in between? perhaps knowing this and capturing this is my art journey.


I hope my art speaks to you as articulately as it speaks to me, teaching me something about life that I missed before that moment.  I think of my art pieces as guidings that can be alive with us in our moments.  They are evolving and forming all the time as we ourselves are.


Welcome to my quantum space!

-Hema Gopalan


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